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The REAL $0.35 and up Duplication Deal!


The best prices in the USA.
Full Color CDs

The ink we use is of the highest quality and you won’t get any streak lines. We dry out the CDs and package them carefully so you will be able to promote with confidence.

Verbatim CDs

We have cool looking verbatim CDs that give you that .45 feel – no they do not work in record players, and yes they will work in any regular CD player in your car or on your computer. Boy do these sell well.

Metallic CDs

We have metallic looking CDs that are sure to make your artwork pop. These are by far the most popular, and because of the need for drying them it takes one extra day to process your order.

Hard Copy CDs

Every artist on the grind needs hard copy CDs! So invest in yourself and make sure your music is heard. We have all sorts of cases as well, slim, clear, and we even shrink-wrap.


We promise to delivery the right order on time.
Welcome to the Think Factory

Charles Burns is a man, legend, and genius. He has been in the Disc Duplication game for many years and has been deliverying quality product since the beginning. He has many repeat clients and hundreds of testimonials that would let you know how much people appreciate his work. For an independent artist, this man is a God-send, and it's important to take advantage of these rates while you can. Invest in yourself, order CDs (and/or DVDs)